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Eastern Syburbs Personal Training Campbell If you have gotten to the point where you want a personal trainer, it's because you want to make a change in your life. Getting results is a life style choice to include training in your weekly routine.

You will feel the difference before you see the difference!

Any change in routine will depend on your level of fitness and how long it's been since you have trained. You'll notice the changes in how you feel first followed by physical changes. Your energy levels will change, your sleeping patterns will improve then the physical side will start to become obvious.

What to expect from Eastern Syburbs Personal Training

Everyone has different goals. You may have an event you are aiming for in general - like a wedding or a holiday on the beach. Perhaps you have neglected yourself over the years and just want to get back on track. Or it could be that you like to train but at the same time, you need appointments to make it happen.

During the first Eastern Suburbs Personal Training session we cover the goals that you want to achieve and the type of personal training you have done in the past. We also go through fitness, muscular endurance and cardio vascular tests. I will look at your eating habits and give recommendations.

The combo of information plus the desired method of training helps me with your program. We then determine how many days a week you can train, your injuries and any other information that might influence the sessions.
Personal training styles
Bodybuilding Weight Loss General Fitness Cardiovascular
Muscle Tone Core strength Sports Specific Training Boxing

So if you are interested in Eastern Suburbs Personal Training with me, please call 0405 537 575!